A downloadable game for Windows

Help reptiles survive by mixing their random mutations.

CONTROLS (2 mouse buttons):

Right Mouse Button - switch circles on. Hover outer circle above creatures to make them go toward inner circle.

Left Mouse button - breed(Duplicate) ceatures inside inner circle and mix their mutations. 

Circle will stay for 10 secons and will lure other lizards in. So plan ahead. 

(what was our intention for the game to be) 

The puzzle is to plan the path to the pillars. 

Lizards starve while traversing big empty spaces.

Lizards recieve heat damage near lava.

So consider breeding ones with more HP or Big head, or big legs. 
Also breed lizards with red fire resistance plates on their body. 


  • Big head(occur during eating) - eats more and can live without food longer. 
  • Big body(occur during eating) - has more HP. 
  • Big legs(random) - moves faster.
  • Red plates(occur after heat damage) - some fire resistance.
  • Blue plates on the back(after frost damage) - provide some frost resistance.

Long playthrough with commentaries:

Svyatoslav "Atlar" Dorokhov
Eldar "ElricDeFox" Khamitov
Roman Gridasov


ZelTeam_EvolutionManager.rar 92 MB

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